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Welcome to the First National Bank of Litchfield!

The First National Bank of Litchfield is based in Litchfield, Illinois, a town located near I-55 midway between Springfield, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. Our bank has been at the same downtown location since 1860, when it was operated as a private bank until receiving its National Bank Charter in 1889.

The bank has grown from a $7,000,000 bank to one of $100,000,000 in assets over the past 40 years. It operates as a full service bank with services, in both deposits and loans, for commercial, individual, and corporate customers. As well, we have a full service branch on the ever expanding West Side of Litchfield.

We pride ourselves in serving the many varied needs of our community, with a mission of personal service that only a locally owned community bank can offer... and feel we do best. Our staff has many years of experience to assist our customers' needs, and First National Bank of Litchfield strives to maintain that dedication of service to our customers.

We look forward to serving your needs and welcome any questions or comments you have concerning how we can best serve your banking requirements.

Banking Safety


  • Your finances are one of the most important parts of your life. Keep them safe.
  • Balance and check your account(s) statements early and often. With online branch channels, you can check your accounts everyday if needed. 
  • Keep your receipts, always write down all transactions made and checks written. Make sure to use exact amounts! "Guess-timating" or "Rounding up" may only cause more problems when an error does occur. 
  • Notify the bank of any error(s) you notice as soon as possible.
  • Keep your financial and personal information as safe and secure as possible at all times. If disposing of old papers, make sure they are shredded first.
  • Only deal with companies and businesses you trust.
  • Always be completely aware of all agreements you enter into regarding automated deposits, withdrawals, and funds collection with any group or business.
  • Always write checks (and any other banking forms) in blue or black ink, never other colors or pencil. Do not use “gel pens” as well.
  • Always notify the bank as soon as possible when changing names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses.
  • Always be extra cautious if you are traveling outside the country, and notify the bank where and when you will be traveling.
  • Always be wary of giving out personal and financial information out over the phone or online.
  • Never “post date” a check.
  • Never “pre-sign” a check or withdrawal slip.
  • For important papers and cherished items, consider acquiring a bank safe deposit box.
  • Be prepared for the future: Make provisions for your finances in case of ill-health or death.

Online Banking Safety Tips

ATM/Debit Cards Safety Tips