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Mobile APP update
 posted Oct 4th 2022
FNBL mobile apps now support biometric data on applicable devices. Touch and face recognition on iOS, touch on Android. 

FNBL Online Reimagined
posted May 9th 2022, updated June 1st, 2022
A fresh, user-friendly experience is here!

We've upgrading FNBL Online, and here are just a few highlights of what you can expect:

• Responsive.   FNBL Online can be used on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.
• Modern.   A contemporary user interface that's designed to be more intuitive and easier to use.
• User-centric.   Streamlined workflows and improved navigation increase your productivity.

Tired of Paper? You Can Now Opt Out Of Receiving Paper Statements.
posted July 23rd 2019
Online banking users can now opt of of receiving paper statements.  Under your Account Statements tab, click Statement Preference. Change your Delivery Method to "Online," read and accept the disclosure, and submit. Not yet an online banking customer? Sign up today and have access to your statements, without the paper!  PDF eStatements are available by noon the next business day after your statement cycle date.